A great beach on Nusa Lembongan

On the southern end of Nusa Lembongan, there is a beatiful, deserted beach with white sands and crystal-clear ..

Fantastic - Great scenery & interesting insights

We have done several soft adventure bike tours and this was amongst the best - highly recommended.

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Enjoy our such different Vietnam tour to the beaches via ocean tours Vietnam. Itinerary: Mui Ne - Nha Trang - Tuy Hoa - Quy Nhon.

Bali Language

Bali Language
The people of Bali are pretty colorful and interesting as well. Since, the people in Bali belong to different sects, their languages are different too.
Bali population is a pretty interesting aspect to discuss. There are quite a number of languages, which are rich and flexible. So far as the languages in Bali are concerned, the Balinese and Indonesian are the most important ones. The language which is widely spoken by the native people is Balinese. This particular language is pretty old and elegant as well. The modern version of the Bali language is the one which is used widely. Moreover, it is to be noticed that there are few bi- lingual and tri- lingual communities in Bali. So, it is an obvious that they use more than one version of the Balinese language while they speak. These are the specialties of the Bali language.

There are prominent caste systems in the social set up here. The language one uses is the deciding factor behind identifying the social sect he belongs to. This is one of the most interesting factors you would cherish regarding the Bali language.

There are other important factors regarding the Bali language. Among the major divisions of the Balinese languages, the native version and pure Indonesian are the most important ones. There is another minor language used by the native people of Bali. This language is popularly called Kawi.
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