A great beach on Nusa Lembongan

On the southern end of Nusa Lembongan, there is a beatiful, deserted beach with white sands and crystal-clear ..

Fantastic - Great scenery & interesting insights

We have done several soft adventure bike tours and this was amongst the best - highly recommended.

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Bali Overview

Bali Overview
Bali - which means "offering" and is popularly known as the "Island of the Gods" - casts its spell on most visitors. It's a religious oasis where two million Hindus, out of a 2.8 million total population, live and breathe their faith 24 hours a day.
Bali lies just below the equator in Southeast Asia, part of the world's largest stretch of volcanoes. Peppered with mountains, lakes, rivers and forests, it has 2,147 square miles of fertile land and history. Legend states that the Supreme God, Ida Sanghyang Widi Wasa, created the sky for Gods, the Earth for animals and seas for fish. He decided to create man in an earthly paradise. Pulling a fish from the water, He held it to the light. Its tail became the Kutri peninsula, its gills Lake Batur, and its backbone the range of mountains shimmering across the length and breadth of the island.

Many have felt Bali's blessedness and India's Jawarhalal Nehru immortalized it in the 1950's when he dubbed it the "Morning of the World."  It isn't surprising that the rest of the world see Bali as the living symbol of heaven on earth, where man and Gods, nature and spirits co-exist harmoniously in the best of all possible worlds. What is surprising is that the Balinese agree with this and take the unusual position that the grass is indeed greener on their side of the fence.

Tourists (1.2 million a year) have their impact. Why do travelers flock to Bali? Many are eager to witness the non-Western, uninhibited Hindu culture which is Bali's charm. And the Muslim Indonesian government, understanding the economic benefits, tries to maintain it in several ways. Hotels are restricted to certain areas. Tourists aren't allowed in the center of temples. And the rigidity of Balinese social structures keeps tourists at the "onlooker" level.

Bali has an extraordinary sense of community, transcending Western ideals of liberty and individualism and putting cooperation above competition. They believe that this keeps them from differentiating between rich and poor. By following individual ways, people don't share.

Shadow puppetry, dance, theater, carving and other art forms are abundant. Nearly all arts are religious, because all life is religious for the Balinese. Painters aren't possessive about their work, and even create many of their canvasses together.

With Bali's powerful belief that religion is woven into every part of life, it's no wonder that the Balinese tell brothers and sisters worldwide: "Keep Hinduism, it's the great religion. All must learn its essentials. We must be strong in faith and devotion. God will always bless us."
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