A great beach on Nusa Lembongan

On the southern end of Nusa Lembongan, there is a beatiful, deserted beach with white sands and crystal-clear ..

Fantastic - Great scenery & interesting insights

We have done several soft adventure bike tours and this was amongst the best - highly recommended.

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Bali Population

Bali Population
The Bali population is composed of people of different communities and religions. People in Bali are lively and interesting. The majority of the population in Bali in Indonesia is the Hindus.
As far as the religion of the Balinese people are concerned, they firmly believe in a healthy blend between native Balinese culture and main stream Hinduism. Apart from that, the Christians, the Muslims and the Buddhists are also found in Bali. It is because of this particular reason, that Bali has such a colorful and cosmopolitan ambiance.

The Social Sects

The Bali travel guide provides you detailed information on the people, their predominant languages and varied cultures in Bali. These important factors combine and add to the charm and fantasy of Bali tourism. One of the major characteristics of the Bali population is the prominent caste division. There are some interesting clans of people, who talk in different languages. The languages of the native people depend on the particular clan or sect he belongs to.

Varying Cultures

Bali is a city of variegated cultures and attitudes. This cosmopolitan atmosphere adds to the vigor of the island. People in Bali earn their livelihood by handicraft, woodcraft and sculpture. People from these varying sects remain busy in their respective fields, hence add to the matchless vigor and versatility of this colorful city.

These are the different interesting factors regarding Bali population, which would be truly interesting to the tourists, who intend to visit Bali for the first time. Cherish the matchless experience and enjoy.
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